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london rioters
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In response to the death of Mark Duggan, who was shot and killed by police officers in his north London neighborhood of Tottenham, the people took to the streets and began rioting and looting. This soon spread to other parts of London and continued for several nights.

“At approximately 11:30 pm, August 8th, London rioters looted and burned the Sony DADC distribution warehouse in Enfield, also used by PIAS, Beggars Group, Ninja Tune, Warp, Domino and around 150 other labels. The facility in North London is essentially leveled, with merchandise largely stolen or melted. The following statement was sent to Digital Music News early this morning by the Association of Independent Music (AIM).”
-Digital Music News

“To all music fans:

You may have heard that the London riots have caused the destruction of a warehouse in North London housing many of the UK’s independent labels and artists. All the stock has been destroyed by fire.

This will lead to much hardship for the artists and labels affected. What music fans can do to show their support for the indie label community, and help them survive this disaster is to buy a digital download of an album from any one of the digital retailers in the UK, as well as going to their local record store while stocks last.

This way, the labels will be able to re-manufacture their CD’s and vinyl more quickly, to resupply the record shops who are also affected by the riots.

Alison Wenham, Chairman and CEO of AIM, the UK’s Trade Association for the Independent Music Industry: “This is a disaster for the music community, but with the fans’ help, labels and artists will survive. Please show your support for the music community by buying a digital album from an independent label today”.”

The Association of Independent Music (AIM),,

We can’t help but think of the similarity between the tragic death of Mark Duggan and that of the young Oscar Grant here in the SF Bay Area’s city of Oakland a few years back.

Our thoughts are with Mark’s family and the people of London.


As many know by now, Sublife & Bachelors of Science are closely linked as Lukeino, who founded the label, has become the third member of BoS. Lot’s has been going on in the BoS camp. Some things we can not share just yet, but there are several new tunes out there, a new mix, an interview on Knowledge Magazine. Check it out…

Here are a few recent tracks from the BoS studio which are currently unsigned:

Bachelors Of Science & Smote – So Much Love (clip) by bachelorsofscience

Bachelors Of Science – “Bounce” featuring Doodlebug (clip) by bachelorsofscience

The following two are a couple of remixes of two different San Francisco based indie bands.

Can you say FREE DOWNLOAD?!?!

LoveLikeFire – Saint Martin (Bachelors Of Science Remix) by bachelorsofscience

Silver Swans – Best Friend In Love (Bachelors Of Science Remix) by bachelorsofscience

The latest promo mix from the group is really fresh… we have been bumping this one super tough in heavy rotation..

Compos Mentis

Bachelors Of Science – Compos Mentis MXXI – 1hr Live DnB Mix by bachelorsofscience

“With the Compos Mentis mix, the idea was to touch on our past while looking forward to the future by mixing some quintessential BoS tracks and classic favourites with some of today’s best tunes. There are also a couple of our recent remixes included as well as some of our favourite dubs from the last few months (mix originally first featured in Knowledge Magazine July 2011).”
-Bachelors of Science

Click here to Check out the recent Bachelors interview on Kmag!

for more information on BoS please visit

BASE Volume 3 features Lukeino, owner of Sublife Recordings and the newest member of the infamous Bachelors of Science. Womp TV flew up to San Francisco and visited Sublife Recordings’ headquarters on a gorgeous sunny morning by the waterfront. Lukeino hooked us up with a Dutch breakfast of coffee and herb then sat down with us on camera to talk about his sound and production process.

“I don’t consider myself a DJ” -Lukeino

Womp TV asked Lukeino questions like why he started Sublife Recordings and the process of doing so. The interview rolled into his creative process of his smooth bass roller sound. He has put out over 8 releases in the past two years and 1 vinyl under the Sublife Brand. His track “The Key” has been featured on Crissy Criss’ show on BBC extra. His latest release is Sublife’s first EP “Crackatoa” that he co-produced with dubstep artist Jamal featuring Calculon and Sinistarr. Sit back and enjoy the sounds of the Bay Area’s smoothest sexiest bassline boss, LUKEINO!

“The goal at the end of the day is to make music people enjoy.” – Lukeino

Check out the entire publication at WOMP TV.


With a release due out on Warm Communications, an upcoming US tour and a stock pile of amazing releases under his belt, Swedish producer Sebastian Ahrenberg, aka Seba, is still considered one of drum & bass’s elite and showing no signs of slowing down in 2010.

With releases on iconic labels such Metalheadz, Good Looking, Hospital and Soul:R, Seba is no stranger to the spotlight. This time around he teams up with Warm Communications to bring us a two track release featuring two very different sounds. This release proving, yet again, that this producer is not held to any sort of boundaries and just wants to make good music and share it with the world.

Words: Methodus

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Download Seba’s guest mix recorded live in San Francisco

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Sinistarr stops by to chat with DJ Whizard and Womptv in Los Angeles.

Check the link below to watch this great interview in full HD video!  Big up the Womptv homies.

Click here to watch Sinistarr on Womptv!!!

BoS interview on DNBTV

After mixing down a stellar set with a ton of new original material, Rene from the Bachelors toke a few minutes to talk about San Francisco, their new album and even took a moment to big up none other than… US!!!

Check out the Bachelors of Science interview on DNBTV!!!

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